Pohhuexp 口罩證書與報告

口罩檢驗合格報告 Pohhuexp Face Mask Testing Reports


✔️MIT台灣製造(Made In Taiwan)







※ 因拍攝燈光效果可能造成色差,請以實品顏色為準

※ 手機界面請往下滑有更多穿搭照 ※✔️MIT台灣製造(Made In Taiwan)




材質:防潑水不織布(PET)或水針不織布(Spunlace Nonwoven)或水針不織布(Spunlace Nonwoven)、熔噴不織布(Melt-blown)、聚丙烯不織布PP

規格:約175X95 mm 土5% / 鬆緊帶式 / 單鋼印 (Made in Taiwan)

包裝:一袋三入口罩 / 口罩無獨立包裝


藥商執照:新北府五衛藥製 字第6131151870號

藥販證號:新北府五衛藥販 字第6231155674號


✔️MIT in Taiwan (Made in Taiwan)
✔️ special moisture, water repellent outer layer, the middle barrier filter, skin-friendly material of the inner layer
✔️ high elastic ear band, not elastic compression, without leaving traces back ear
✔️ breathable skin-friendly and comfortable loading


Three-layer protective mask 

*This product is a personal hygieneproduct. According to the "Criteria for the Application of ReasonableExceptions to the Cancellation of Communication Transactions" stipulatedin Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, no unconditional return orexchange within 7 days will be provided after the package has been opened*


Material: Water-repellent non-woven fabric (PET) or Spunlace Nonwoven (Spunlace Nonwoven), Melt-blown,polypropylene non-woven PP

Specification: about 175X95 mm soil 5%/ elastic band type / single steel seal (Made in Taiwan)


Pharmacist’s license: No. 6131151870 ofNew Beifu Wuwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Drug dealer certificate number: XinbeiPrefecture Wuwei Drug Seller No. 6231155674

Factory certificate number: 99725848







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