i. Values

As a manufacturer, we have our own designers and often provide our clients

with updated designs and fabric options.

Throughout the years,

We see lots of sustainable fabrications get developed then dropped.

We see designs that looked great but were never used.


As a small manufacturer, we produce more than 12 million pieces of garments per year.

Imagine if we could reuse the waste and move onto sustainable fabrication, the impact it could make if sustainable fabrics were mainstream.

With WiG by Win, we decide what fabrics to use, what accessories to use, what packaging to use.

It will not solve environmental issues, but at least it is a step in that direction.


This is our goal, the core value of our brand’s journey.

Designing garments, promote Sustainability, raise awareness.


Start of a long but exciting race.

Wear. Sustain. WiG.





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