iii. Design

Design can be very subjective

The more people involved, the more difficult it becomes.

We had to learn the hard way, brainstorming together to come up with the “perfect” design.


Many designs later, we realized this was never ending.


Changed our point of view, narrowed it down to something simple, can be worn in many different scenarios and customizable.


With this in mind, we became more efficient and focusing on details like construction, size spec and minor design elements.


Reducing sewing width around the neck to create a seamless look, lowering the height of the neck band to subtly blend in with overall appearance,

hiding sewing lines on back neck band for a clean look are some of the areas we worked on to make the product unique.



Difference in fit and size spec between adults and kids, difference in style between male and female.

Length of the sleeve, the right length so it does not get in the way.

Body length to be lengthy enough so you don’t look like an adult wearing kids item.


We also had traces of fashion thrown in the mix, sleeve finish for a more rugged look,

but after wearing and washing it, we decided to remove it due to a slight chance of a defective sleeve.


Its all about user experience.





The trial-and-error period took up a good portion of time, with countless samples and mockups been made to review.

But since we went down this path, we are confident that the product feels great and will last.


At this point we thought we finally reached the halfway line.


Boy were we wrong.



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