v. Label

We want to be informative.

Deliver information and spread awareness.

This was one of our objectives.

To begin, we were down the path of having explanations on the website.


Test reports, Proof of purchase and all that to ensure consumers knew what

they were buying and how they were helping in the journey to reduce waste.


However, being the dreamer type, I wanted to go further.


How do we let even more people know?

The people that don’t come to our site and read all the info available.


We went back to our design boards to see what we could come up with.


“Your t-shirt feels great! What is it made from?”



Ever been in this situation and you’re trying to show them the label while it’s on the inside behind your neck?

Remember the frustration of trying to show them and looking goofy while doing so?


This was one of the things we felt we could eliminate.

Allowing you to show case your beloved t-shirt without losing your cool.

Also spreading the word about the fabric content it carries and the message.


We want people to know what you bought and why you bought it.

We want them to know you are doing your part to re-use waste and extend the cycle.


We combined three messages into the label

1. Who we are

2. Sustain

3. Recycled Content



Then we put it on the back (outside) of the t-shirt to make it visible and easy to access.


Now you can help spread awareness and maintain your posture while doing so.

Be proud of what you wear.


Informative from the back.


Wear. Sustain. WiG

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