vi. Colors

The world is a beautiful place.


The ecosystem, the species, and the view.



All would seem lost without “Color”.


This was our next hurdle to cross.

Picking out colors that match our product line and colors that attract.


Working on colors was a stressful process.

Go with the normal colors, go with more fashion colors, look at current color trends

A lot went through our minds during the process.


We ran color swatches for many colors including black, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, pink, grey and white.



All looked good!


And that was a problem…


Due to the quantity we were looking at, having multiple colors would run into dyeing minimums and production issues with fabric.


Surcharges are ok for us, but if we reduced the size of each color, there could be fabric consistency issues.

With bigger quantity, we could facilitate bigger spinning machines which would offer better quality (Shrinkage, color fastness, etc.)




Due to this, we decided to make our first run off of three colors.

Black, Blue and Red.


To make things more interesting, we ran blue and red through a single dye process.

The end result was a much more textured feel to the fabric and a unique blue/red combination.


Of course, nothing is complete without naming these colors with unique names.

To be honest, I hate coming up with these names.

But didn’t want to regret it later on, so we went storming again with our brains on color names.


Natural Black, Snowflake Blue, Almost Red.

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