vii. Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of the whole package.


What we were looking at here were hangtags, polybags and mailer bags.


We wanted to show as much info on these items as possible.

To spread the word, to allow customers understand the concept.



Then, one fine morning, it struck us that we could just exclude all hangtags to reduce waste instead of putting information you can easily see on our website.


Since sustainability outweighed informative in this area, we decided to shift focus right away.

Stopped working on a hangtag and made sure our heat-seal labels had all the necessary info on it.

Looked at more sustainable options for polybag and mailer bags.



Dropping hangtags meant, reducing waste and also a hassle-free process when the customers receive their products. Remove polybag and your good to go.



For polybag and mailer, we decided to go with a sustainable option. Something that would be biodegradable.

This way, customers can depose these necessary but unwanted waste knowing it will breakdown with time.


Finding suppliers for sustainable items is a breeze and is one that im happy for.

The more there are, the more there is out there in the world.


Sustain. Maintain.

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