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Internet is such a wonderful place.

All the info you need at the tip of your fingers




So naturally, we would need to setup a website to showcase our products, goals and information.


A few ways we wanted to go about it, setup a brand-new site and combine a shopping cart api to complete both website and online shopping all in one.


Or go with an established ecommerce website (Shopify, Shopline, etc.) and build the website off the online store instead.


This step took forever to decide.


Mainly due to other factors that contribute to the final decision.


We had limited knowledge of programming to begin with, so a lot of the website and api would have to be outsourced.

The second issue we encountered was maintenance, updates and features.

With limited knowledge and manpower to work on these, it seemed going towards online store membership was an easier approach.


We knew that going this route would mean that our store and site would be limited to what these stores could offer and updated features were also out of our control.

Not to mention there would be a fixed monthly rate to pay and also a cut for every sale made on the site.


But considering all the factors, we decided to use online stores to setup our website.


Which lead long search for the right ecommerce platform to use.


The Newbie adventure continues.

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