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It’s all in the details.


Since we decided to go with an ecommerce platform, the next step was to compare and find the one best suited for our needs.


After researching, turns out there are tons of these platforms available.

Shopify, Shopline, Cyberbiz, 91app, EasyStore, MeepShop, Gogoshop, etc.

Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


To make the process simpler, we listed out our needs and classified them into priorities.

This way we could eliminate those that didn’t suit our particular needs.


Payment, Shipment methods were top of our list.

Local was top priority to begin with so we looked at shipping and payments methods most commonly used in Taiwan.


Bank Transfer, Credit Card, LinePay, Convenient store Payment – for payment.

Local couriers, Convenient Store shipping, Local Mail – for shipment.

Most of these platforms supported international payments and shipments.


From there, we narrowed down the list a little by taking out ones that weren’t so great at international payment and shipping.


Next we looked at the overall feature set each offered.

How flexible was the webstore design, did they offer Affiliate marketing or features like that,

do they offer different currencies, do they offer multi-language, how is tech support, one page shops, discount codes, etc.


To our surprise, not one store had everything, even the more well known ones couldn’t do it all.


Then we looked at each ecommerce platform to see how often they updated and if they are active in the social media space.


Most of these sites offered a free trial period. So obviously we had to sign up and try each one out ourselves to get a feel of which one was most suitable for us.


Next we had to consider the different monthly subscription fees and other fees that are tucked away in different shapes and sizes.


Just about all of these sites has different tiers of payment.

Normally it would mean different feature sets available or difference in transaction charges (% wise).

Then there is the occasional oddball on add-on feature sets that cost money.

Plus different payment firms offering different rates depending on which platform you use.






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