xi Warehouse

A seemingly simple process on the outside and a whole lot of complication on the inside.


After speaking with a couple warehouse companies based in Taiwan and visiting their facilities, we have a clearer understanding of the whole operation.

Incoming Cargo :

1. Cartons arrive at warehouse

2. Warehouse checks, update and barcodes inventory 1 by 1

3. Store products on shelves via style, color and size

4. Update inventory into system




Outgoing Cargo :

1. Purchase is made on ecommerce platform

2. Order is printed out

3. Products are fetched by staff

4. Inspect

5. Bag into mailer bag

6. Print out courier labels

7. Wait for courier to collect


All seems normal, but the link between the ecommerce platform and the warehouse is very important.

This avoids the extra hassle of manually keying in details and more prone to error if done manually.


So in our search, connected warehouse to ecommerce platform was a top priority

Turns out not many have integration right now, and many can do integration at an extra cost and require time to set it up (No guarantees on the time frame either)



After talking to countless warehouse solutions we narrowed down the list and ended up going with Boxful which integrates with Shopline from day 1.

Rates that are suitable for our size, a fully functional warehouse site with lots of experience,

ecommerce platform fully integrated and logistics solutions worldwide.



Inching out towards the finish line.


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