Graphene is so strong, new graphene legging in Taiwan has sold more than 50,000 in two months.

So graphene was discovered as a mono layer back in 2010 by noble prize winners Professors Andre Geim Konstantin Novoselov.

They discovered a thin layer of carbon stuck to a tape when peeled off a piece of graphite.

Shaped in a honeycomb fixture graphene is the the lightest, thinnest, hardest and strongest material known to man

(until around 2019 when borophene was discovered). Sounds alot like vibranium…

Most common properties when it comes to fabrics with graphene include

▫️Heat Dissipation (IR)

▫️Body Thermal Regulation


▫️Blood Circulation Flow

Some have graphene printed on the inside of garments, others weave it into fabric.

Combine those properties and its innate ability of being light and strong, no wonder leggings with graphene are just flying off the shelves.

Probably be seeing a lot of graphene going forward.


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