Pohhuexp 經典TEE款

Pohhuexp started out documenting his own journey.

His journey from obesity to a healthy shape.

He soon discovered there were many in the same situation as he was.

So apart from documenting his own journey, he set out to motivate and help those that were on the same path.


This is his Signature Tshirt.

We set out to find the blend that is most suitable for his pirate crew (Followers)

An item that can be worn in the comfort of their homes, out in the gym, casual street wear

A tshirt that is made from sustainable materials and unisex.

With three colors to choose from 


1. Almost Red 

A blend of red with heather effect to add to the texture of the fabric. 

2. Natural Black

A color that suits all occasions, the dark blend will make the white logo pop.

3. Snowflake Blue

Blue combined with a heather effect. A more interesting blue, just like you


The tshirt that has no limitations, a design that is timeless. 

This is the perfect tshirt for everyone.

The Pohhuexp Signature Tshirt


*Made 58%進入我的店面Cotton 38%Thread Recycle Poly 4%Spandex

*Available in Black, Blue, Red

*Size Range S-XL

*Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified heat-seal labels

*Each Tshirt contains approx. 2 Recycled water bottles

*Packaged in Biodegradable Bags.

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