Pohhuexp 經典帽T款


Winter is approaching. 

Are you prepared for the cold weather?

A Pohhuexp Collab Sustainable Hoodie is the perfect choice.


Bound by Natural Cotton and made from recycled plastic bottles

Keep warm while doing your part in giving life to waste.


Whether your walking the dog, chilling at home, binging Netflix, going to the gym, cup of coffee with some friends
The pirate hoodie will protect you from the cold weather and looking great


The oversized Print with DTM colors blends in with the look adding to the overall texture of the hoodie.

Fork continuing to the back to provide continuity to the overall appearance.


Completing your street wear look the Pirate Hoodie comes in two colorways. 


Natural Black 

For the subtle, blend in with attitude look.

Orange Pop

Cute, Bright and Orange

Dont let the winter get you down.

Get down on some Pohhuexp Pirate Hoodie.


The latest Collab product from WiG by Win


If you need some motivation, go check out Pohhuexp's IG account!


*Made from 52%Cotton 48%Thread Recycle Poly

*Available in Black and Orange

*Each Hoodie contains 8 recycled plastic bottles

*OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Harmless Ink

*Hoodie Co-Designed with Pohhuexp

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