WiG X 班森學字

Calligraphy derived from the Greek word καλλιγραφία


The art of writing.


In the modern world, writing has slowly faded from our lives. We depend on technology more than ever.


Everything we do now is on a mobile, tablet or laptop – texts, emails, video calls, etc.


Letters, diaries, documents are less common nowadays


In a way, we have transformed that art of writing into graphics and blended it in with our daily lives.


Focus shifted from traditional artistic, meaningful, thought-out language to the modern visually based graphics we see on our screens.


An evolution in its own way, we keep the history of traditional calligraphy writing and move forward with the visual improvements of modern-day writing.


After seeing @potato_bc work, we were amazed at how he integrates both styles into one.


Making art for the digital age.


Today, we merge his work into our product.


Art, Fonts, History, Sustainability and Comfort rolled into one.


The Body Project.


Special Thanks to @Skrpresents and @bruniyenstudio for connecting us!


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